A woman is unstoppable after she realises she deserves better.

- Dr Nadia Lum


About Me

Hi, my name is Nadia Lum. I am a medical doctor by profession, happily married to the love of my life, surrounded by wonderful friends and family, and most recently finding myself a mother to be. 

This blog, started on 10.10.2018 is where I pen and share my thoughts and ideas on my life such as my travels, my work, living in Malaysia and Singapore and SO much more EVERY single day! 

I also share knowledge and how I practice General Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine at my medical setting. I believe that every individual is unique. Aesthetics is a balance of art and science. We are not striving to create a person with stereotypical beauty but striving for a healthy and confident you. My goal is inspiring my patients and readers to achieve a balanced intellect with harmonious growth of body, mind and soul. 
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Thank you for reading my blog! I would love to hear from you <3 Free to get in touch and I will get back to you soonest!


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