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A Review: Postnatal Massage 1

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Scheduling a traditional Malay Postnatal Massage Therapy was one of the important to do list prior to delivering of my baby. This is mostly because I gained a whopping 10 TEN KILOs during this 9 months. Although the main reason why this aspect of postnatal care was crucial to me was because I wanted weight loss, it is believed that there are other postpartum benefits. These include stress reduction, hormone regulation, weight loss, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding. Postpartum bodywork is believed to be an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood.

After going through the massage myself, I find that It's really more than just a spa retreat!

I used google search and friend's recommendations to find my masseuse. There are few notable companies who provide these services, namely:

1. Tanamera Postnatal Massage Services

2. Kakakadek Confinement Postnatal Massage Services

I ended up choosing Kakakadek-Confinement for a 5-day package because they do cover my area for free and I felt their packages were reasonably priced.

Usually the massage sessions are advised to start about 5 days after vaginal delivery and ~2-3 weeks after cesarean delivery. I initially slotted my appointment 5 days after my baby's birthday however because she ended up being admitted to the hospital for neonatal jaundice and I had to reschedule my appointment. The therapist appointed to me is Ms Iris, who also owns her own mobile massage spa named Iris D Beauty. Apparently the change in schedule is reasonably common situation due to unforeseen circumstances such as unpredictable delivery dates, maternal or neonatal health issues. Usually the masseuse are happy to obliged based on the client's dates.

*A word of caution with regards to this review because I will be mentioning about 'Hot' and 'Cold' elements when it comes to post natal massage and confinement care. This review is based on my personal experience, advice from old folks/ friends and tradition and has no 'evidence-based medicine' from the Western Medicine aspect.

Preparation that I do before the Massage Session

Because of the way the massages are done, I usually do some preparations before the sessions.

1. Take a shower prior to massage.

I did not keep to the one month no shower confinement advice by old folks and took a shower the day right after delivery! This no shower feat was impossible to keep because my hair was getting so oily you could fry an egg in it with Malaysian weather! I did take a shower at least once a day however I did make an effort by taking showers in the afternoon and taking hot showers- to avoid wind entering the body.

The massage oils that were used has particular 'Hot' element and its not advisable to take showers at least 3 hours after the massage.

2. Prepare Spa Music.

Since I get the convenience of the the masseuse coming to my place I decided to up the notch of the session by playing relaxing spa music. I will scout for the music that I like on youtube, and use this site www.onlinevideoconverter.com to get the MP3. I will then upload the file into my phone and play it!

3. Prepare a thin mattress and pillow.

Basically all that I had to prepare was a quiet room, a thin mattress to lie on and a pillow. Rest assured there will be no massage oil on these items as my masseuse covered it with batik fabric. She also advised not to turn on the fan or air-conditioner during the massage, with the windows ajar, I found the surrounding temperature reasonably comfortable during the 2 hours session.

4. Buy a "Bengkung" AKA Corset

I also bought a bengkung set off this Shopee site for decent price of RM 30.00. The bengkung is provided during the sessions but we are supposed to continue to wear it post-delivery. Frankly is not the most comfortable thing to wear, but as the Duchess of Windsor once said, "one can never be too rich or too thin", IMO it is worthwhile bearing the discomfort and body core stiffness couple of hours a day to get my old figure back!

Kakakadek Confinement Therapy also sent me these items via mail:

1. Herbal Bath Packs

-These are boiled with hot water and I adjust the temperature to lukewarm before using to take a shower :) They smell lightly herbal.

(5 packs were sent to me, a pack for one shower ~ 5 hours after each massage sessions)

Herbal bath packs

2. Milk Booster Pack

-These consists of red dates, goji berries and longan. They are supposed to be soaked with hot water for 20 minutes, then the water should be consumed. The ingredients are exactly the same as the chinese tea that my mom and aunt prepared for me- I have already been drinking those daily!

Milk booster packs with Red Dates, Goji Berries and Longan

After going through 5 sessions of postnatal massage, I found that I really enjoyed my sessions. My body felt re-energised, I regained strength and improved my flexibility.

Personally, I would recommend women who went through the turmoil of childbirth to rejuvenate and shower some self love with massage therapy.

PS: To find out how is the massage conducted and many inches off my waist after 5 sessions of massages, check out my next post!

The views expressed in this article are entirely my own, and should not replace a consultation with your doctor. I am not sponsored by any of the companies in the review of these services mentioned.



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